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About Hiya:

Hiya Health, a leading provider of children’s vitamins, aimed to revamp their online presence with a pixel-perfect website design that is mobile-responsive and optimized for high performance. They required a partner capable of transforming their Figma designs into a fully functional website while incorporating advanced e-commerce features. Hiya Health turned to Oneonic Solutions to accomplish this task.


To convert Hiya Health’s Figma designs into a responsive, fully operational website, enhance their product pages, and integrate custom e-commerce functionalities to improve user experience and drive sales.


Figma to Website Conversion:

Our team ensured a pixel-perfect translation of Hiya Health’s Figma designs into a fully responsive website. Every detail from the design was meticulously implemented to maintain the brand’s integrity and visual appeal across all devices.

A/B Testing and Landing Pages:

We collaborated with Hiya Health’s digital marketing team to create multiple landing pages and new product pages tailored for A/B testing. This enabled the team to experiment with different designs and layouts to determine the most effective version for conversion optimization.

Product Page Enhancements:

    • Recharge Subscription App: Integrated the Recharge subscription app to facilitate recurring purchases, thereby increasing customer retention and predictable revenue.
    • Custom Variant Code: Developed a custom variant code to allow customers to select options like “1 kid,” “2 kids,” and choose specific bottle types. This customization enhanced the shopping experience by offering tailored product options.
    • Custom Cart Drawer: Implemented a custom-coded cart drawer to streamline the checkout process, improving user experience and reducing cart abandonment rates.

Custom JavaScript Features:

Developed numerous custom JavaScript features to enhance site functionality and interactivity. These custom scripts provided unique functionalities that catered specifically to Hiya Health’s needs and user

Collaboration with the Digital Marketing Team:

Worked closely with Hiya Health’s digital marketing team and owners, Adam Gillman and Darren Litt, to ensure all design and functional elements aligned with the overall marketing strategy and business goals. This collaboration ensured a cohesive approach to achieving Hiya Health’s objectives.


The Hiya Health website is a testament to the power of a strategic Ecommerce partnership. The website beautifully showcases their children’s vitamin products, provides a user-friendly shopping experience, and is optimized for conversions.

We are proud to have played a role in Hiya Health’s success, and we look forward to their continued growth.


Oneonic Solutions successfully transformed Hiya Health’s digital presence by converting their Figma designs into a high-performance, mobile-responsive website. The project included the integration of advanced e-commerce functionalities and custom code features that significantly enhanced user experience and sales performance. Our collaboration with Hiya Health’s digital marketing team ensured a strategic approach to achieving their business goals, demonstrating Oneonic Solutions commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality e-commerce solutions.

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Project Type:

Shopify Store

Services rendered:
      • Figma to Shopify theme
      • Store Development
      • Mobile Responsive
      • Custom Product Page Development
      • Subscription manage

Liquid HTML,Scss CSS, ROR, JQuery, Javascript