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We integrate custom Shopify subscriptions powered by ReCharge to maximise customer loyalty and LTV with subscriptions on Shopify & Shopify Plus.

With the ecommerce subscription sector expected to grow from $15 billion in 2019 to $473 billion by 2025, it presents a significant opportunity for both established and aspiring businesses. By leveraging resources such as data analytics on business cycles and revenue streams provided by subscriptions, your company gains valuable insights to plan and scale effectively over the long term.

Considering that it can cost five to ten times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one, adding subscriptions to Shopify becomes paramount in focusing on maintaining relationships with your existing ecommerce customers. Providing the best subscription user experience is crucial for retention, and this article will provide you with comprehensive insights on utilizing Shopify and subscription apps to enable customers to subscribe to your products.

Choose Oneonic Solutions to integrate a bespoke subscription solution tailored to match your brand's design, offering a dedicated subscription management portal for your customers. With our expertise, maximize the benefits from your subscription provider and elevate your store to the next level.

Shopify Subscriptions Specialist Agency

Why add subscriptions to your Shopify store?

Adding subscriptions to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store enhances the ecommerce experience for both you and your customers. It establishes a reliable stream of recurring revenue, providing predictability and consistency for future planning, management, and business expansion. This enables you to effectively achieve your long-term strategic goals and brand strategies.

Moreover, integrating subscriptions into your Shopify store can transform one-time buyers into loyal subscribers and advocates of your brand. By offering flexible and convenient purchasing options, you can encourage customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases over time. Subscriptions make the shopping experience smoother and more convenient for users, ultimately promoting retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

In the competitive landscape of ecommerce, where keywords can be highly competitive and products may share similar names, it's essential to optimize product names and structures for search engines. Our Shopify SEO strategies are tailored to meet the specific requirements of Shopify while leveraging keywords to guide customers through the most relevant customer journey, maximizing conversions along the way.

By offering subscriptions to your customers, you not only provide them with an incentive to commit to receiving your product long-term, but you also secure a larger financial commitment compared to one-time purchases. Subscriptions offer incredible convenience for customers, allowing them to receive your product regularly without the hassle of remembering to reorder or navigate through the ecommerce purchase process each time.

From a commercial perspective, subscriptions enable you to make data-driven revenue projections. While it's true that subscribers may cancel over time, this data allows you to predict the average lifetime value of a customer by comparing subscriber retention rates with new customer acquisition rates. One crucial metric to monitor is the churn rate, which measures the rate at which customers cancel their subscriptions over a specific period, typically averaging around 6-10% depending on the industry.

Research consistently shows that subscribing customers tend to have a higher lifetime value than non-subscribers, making subscriptions a cost-effective way to offset increasing acquisition costs. By incentivizing customers to subscribe, you foster brand loyalty, ensuring timely product deliveries and engaging customers with reminder emails.

Moreover, subscriptions provide an opportunity to engage with customers at key moments in their buying journey. Utilizing tools like ReCharge for cross-selling and upselling subscriptions, as well as offering one-time add-ons, can significantly increase average order value. For example, imagine offering dog treats as a one-time add-on to a subscription for dog food, maximizing both convenience and revenue. Additionally, tools like Relo can help predict optimal moments to upsell subscriptions during the cart and checkout process, further enhancing customer engagement and sales opportunities.

Subscriptions on Shopify

What is a Shopify subscription service offering?

In simple terms, a Shopify subscription service offers customers a convenient, customized, and cost-effective way to make recurring purchases of desired products. By integrating subscriptions into their Shopify store, merchants provide customers with the flexibility to receive products regularly, such as food and drink or skincare/beauty subscription boxes, precisely when they need them. This eliminates the hassle of manually going through the checkout process for each purchase, streamlining the shopping experience to meet the expectations of today's consumers, who prioritize speed and seamlessness.

Adding subscriptions to Shopify not only makes products more affordable for customers through subscription discounts but also cultivates long-term relationships with one-time shoppers, converting them into loyal, repeat customers. With a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue, merchants gain access to valuable data analytics and insights, enabling them to accurately predict future sales and plan for growth effectively.

Shopify Subscription Specialists

How does Shopify work with subscriptions?

How does Shopify integrate with subscriptions? Shopify now offers native support for subscriptions directly within its platform, eliminating the need for customers to be redirected to a separate checkout page as was previously the case. With this integration, customers can seamlessly add subscription items to their cart and complete their purchase within the Shopify checkout process.

So, how does it all work? Shopify introduced additional data modules known as "selling plans," which essentially inform the Shopify checkout that an item is a subscription and that recurring payments should be processed at specified intervals and amounts.

However, the subscription management process doesn't end there. While Shopify facilitates recurring payments through its native checkout, it does not provide a built-in UI or dashboard for managing subscribers. For comprehensive subscription management, including setting up subscription products, managing subscribers, and accessing subscription reporting, merchants need to utilize subscription app providers. For our recommendations on the best Shopify subscription apps, check out our dedicated section.

It's worth noting that Shopify has enhanced its platform to better accommodate subscriptions, offering specific features such as the ability to filter customer lists based on subscription status directly within Shopify. Additionally, merchants can establish tailored shipping rules for subscription customers, such as offering free or discounted shipping rates.

What's included with Shopify subscriptions?

While we've discussed Shopify's role in supporting subscriptions, it's crucial to understand what additional features are typically provided by Shopify subscription apps. Subscription UI on Shopify: Most subscription apps come with default frontend UI elements, allowing customers to select between one-time purchases and subscription options directly on the product page. However, these default designs may lack creativity. To ensure your subscription UI aligns with your brand, consider engaging a Shopify developer, like us, to customize the look and feel. We can help integrate the subscription UI into other pages such as collections, product recommendations, and the cart for a seamless user experience. Subscription Portal: A subscription portal is essential for empowering customers to manage their subscriptions independently. These portals, typically included with major subscription Shopify apps, relieve the burden on your customer service team and provide customers with control over their subscriptions. Through the portal, customers can view their active subscriptions, skip deliveries, pause subscriptions, and update their preferences. Additionally, the portal presents a valuable opportunity to upsell other products to subscribers. Subscription Notifications: Your Shopify subscription app will often include automated email and/or SMS notifications to keep customers informed about upcoming subscription renewals. These notifications serve as reminders and offer customers the option to update or cancel their subscriptions as needed.

What are the best apps for Shopify subscriptions?

While Shopify handles crucial aspects like order management and payment transactions for subscriptions, it lacks a built-in dashboard for setting up subscription products, managing subscription options, and overseeing ongoing subscriptions. Therefore, choosing a reliable subscription app from the Shopify App Store is essential. Here are some top options to consider: ReCharge Subscriptions: ReCharge is a leading provider of subscription management on Shopify, trusted by over 15,000 merchants worldwide. It offers comprehensive subscription management features, including build-a-box options, automation tools, and more. Yotpo Subscriptions: Yotpo Subscriptions is ideal for merchants looking to quickly launch subscriptions, with a claim of setting up subscriptions in just 8 minutes. It seamlessly integrates with other Yotpo products for enhanced functionality. Skio Subscriptions: Skio offers unique features such as quick password-less login, advanced analytics, and the ability to gift subscription orders. It provides a user-friendly experience for both merchants and customers. Bold Subscriptions: Bold is one of the original subscription apps for Shopify, boasting a 4.1/5 rating on the Shopify app store. It offers a range of subscription features and customization options. Paywhirl: Paywhirl enables quick activation of subscriptions from product pages, allowing merchants to start selling subscriptions swiftly. It offers flexibility and ease of use for merchants and customers alike. Smartrr Subscriptions: Smartrr Subscriptions provides advanced subscription features such as swap, delay, skip, and more, giving customers greater control over their subscriptions. It's essential for merchants to thoroughly explore the unique features and functionalities of each Shopify subscription app to ensure they can offer the best subscription experience to their customers.

Give Customers Choice, Boost Sales with Build-a-Box Subscriptions on Shopify

Integrating build-a-box functionality with Shopify subscriptions can greatly enhance the appeal of subscription-driven businesses, particularly for brands offering low-cost items that benefit from being sold in larger quantities. This feature empowers customers to curate their own box of products according to their preferences, offering a win-win scenario for both merchants and customers.

Typically, build-a-box functionality involves setting a minimum threshold for the box, providing incentives such as discounts for meeting that threshold, and offering the option to subscribe for regular deliveries. Leveraging the capabilities of ReCharge Bundles, we can tailor a bespoke integration to incorporate a branded build-a-box feature seamlessly into your store, while still ensuring customers retain control over their choices.

We've successfully implemented build-a-box functionality for numerous merchants, delivering a tailored solution that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. Contact us today to discover how we can help elevate your subscription business with this innovative feature.

Why Subscriptions are Your Secret Weapon for Shopify Success

Introducing subscriptions to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store offers a range of benefits that contribute to smoother operations and enhanced financial stability. Here's how:

Predictable Revenue: Knowing the consistent income stream coming into your store each month allows for better management of inventory, sales forecasting, and overall financial planning. This stability enables you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer support and order fulfillment, with confidence and peace of mind.

Improved Affordability: Subscriptions often come with discounts or special pricing options for customers, making your products more affordable and enticing for repeat purchases. This affordability can help increase customer loyalty and encourage long-term commitments to your brand.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs: Unlike businesses relying solely on one-time purchases, subscription-based models reduce the need for continuous investment in marketing and advertising efforts to attract new customers. By offering subscription options, you can establish a steady stream of revenue from existing customers, minimizing the pressure to constantly acquire new ones.

Flexible Payment Structures: Subscription models typically offer flexible payment options, such as monthly billing, which can lower the barrier to entry for customers. With reduced upfront costs, customers may be more inclined to subscribe, resulting in a more predictable revenue stream for your business.

By integrating subscriptions into your Shopify store, you can not only streamline your revenue generation process but also foster stronger customer relationships and improve financial stability for your business in the long run.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value and Average Order Value with Subscriptions

Implementing subscriptions on your Shopify store can lead to significant improvements in both customer lifetime value (LTV) and average order value (AOV). Here's how:

Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Subscriptions create a recurring revenue stream and foster deeper insights into customer behavior over time. This ongoing relationship allows you to personalize the shopping experience and tailor offerings to individual preferences. As a result, subscription customers tend to be more loyal and committed, spending an average of 67% more than new customers. Maximizing LTV is crucial for long-term business success, as it reflects the overall value a customer brings to your company throughout their entire relationship with your brand.

Increased Average Order Value (AOV): By offering subscription options, you establish consistent engagement with your customers, building trust and loyalty along the way. This trust makes it easier to upsell or cross-sell additional products to subscribers, as they already perceive value in your offerings. With each recurring purchase, customers may be inclined to add more items to their subscription or explore complementary products, resulting in a higher AOV. This continuous interaction with customers presents numerous opportunities to boost revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

To unlock the full potential of subscriptions and maximize revenue opportunities on Shopify, consider professional subscription management solutions through APIs and integrations. By leveraging the power of subscriptions effectively, you can cultivate lasting customer relationships and drive sustainable growth for your business. Contact us today to explore how we can help you integrate and optimize subscriptions on your Shopify store.

Choosing the Perfect Subscription Model for Your Shopify Store

Before you can go ahead and set up your subscriptions you need to choose what products you are going to sell online and also the type of subscription that you wish to sell. This does depend on your product type, business strategy and how you can entice customers to see value in opting for a subscription through your store. Examples include smaller testing packs, that is exclusively available to subscriptions, refill subscriptions for when customers run out, content subscription to news or blogs and memberships for rewards and perks such as free delivery. Once you understand your offering you can go ahead and use the advice within this article to kick start your subscription business with Shopify!

Here are some subscription-type ideas tailored for your business that you can implement using Shopify subscriptions. These ideas are adaptable based on your specific business needs, product types, and target audience:

Product Bundles or Boxes

Offer curated collections of products bundled together in a box, which can change monthly to keep customers excited. For instance, a surprise box containing a variety of your products allows customers to experience a range of offerings. This approach creates anticipation and encourages customers to try a wider selection of your products. However, managing stock and consistently creating new bundles may pose logistical challenges.

Product refills

If your products are consumable or replenishable, subscription refills are an excellent option. Customers receive automatic replacements of their favorite products when they run low, ensuring convenience and continuity. This model is suitable for products like food items, pet supplies, beauty products, and health supplements. Refill subscriptions increase customer lifetime value, promote upselling opportunities, and eliminate the need for customers to remember to reorder.

Try before you buy

Offer customers the opportunity to try a smaller quantity of your product at a discounted rate through a subscription plan. This model allows customers to experience your product before committing to a larger purchase. By offering a trial period, you can convert interested customers into subscribers while reducing their initial investment.

Content Subscription

If you produce premium content such as magazines or online articles, consider offering a subscription model to access exclusive content. Subscribers pay a recurring fee for ongoing access to your content, providing a steady revenue stream and fostering customer loyalty.


Create membership programs that offer exclusive perks, rewards, or benefits to subscribers. Similar to Amazon Prime, memberships can include benefits like free shipping, early access to new products, or special discounts. By building a community of loyal subscribers, you can enhance customer engagement and retention.

Subscriptions on Shopify

Shopify subscriptions offer robust tools for managing subscription-based products and services. Businesses can easily integrate subscriptions into their Shopify store using apps like ReCharge, which streamline subscription management and billing processes. With customizable themes and templates, businesses can tailor their subscription offerings to align with their brand identity. Additionally, features such as reviews, ratings, and subscription rules enhance the customer experience and streamline inventory management.

As a Shopify subscription specialist, Oneonic Solutions provides dedicated support and customization options to optimize subscription offerings. Businesses can leverage trial periods and subscription widgets to test and promote their subscription plans effectively. To explore Shopify subscriptions for your online store, reach out to our team for personalized assistance and guidance.

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