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We are a Shopify Specialist SEO Agency.

We are a leading SEO agency specializing in Shopify. Our team is accredited by Shopify and dedicated to providing top-notch search engine optimization services to ambitious Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. At the heart of our approach is a holistic and data-driven strategy, supported by expert knowledge.

Our SEO methodology encompasses comprehensive research, technical optimization, on-page and content strategies, and backlinking. We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry-leading tools to analyze data and inform every aspect of our campaigns. With a focus on delivering tangible results, we collaborate closely with our clients, prioritizing their needs and goals.

Our SEO services commence with meticulous keyword research, identifying lucrative opportunities and analyzing competitors' top-performing keywords. We conduct thorough site audits to assess the current SEO status and identify areas for improvement. Our team then implements strategic optimizations to enhance site structure and performance, supported by a robust content plan tailored to target keywords.

In addition to technical audits to optimize on-site efficiency, we also specialize in digital PR campaigns to cultivate high-quality backlinks and bolster trust with leading search engines.

At our core, we prioritize people-first values combined with unparalleled expertise, ensuring that our clients receive personalized attention and exceptional results. We take pride in our collaborative approach and our unwavering commitment to driving success for our clients in the competitive online landscape.

Did you know 95% of online journeys begin with a search engine?

If you've opted for Shopify to fuel your ecommerce venture, it's crucial to ensure that potential customers can easily find you. With Google dominating over 85% of web searches, mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to improve your website's rankings and attract more visitors.

At our agency, we specialize in SEO tailored specifically for Shopify-powered ecommerce brands. Our proven approach combines technical optimization, link building, and content optimization to enhance your online visibility and drive organic traffic to your products. We understand the unique intricacies of the Shopify platform, including URL structures, sitemap formation, and internal linking strategies, allowing us to craft bespoke strategies that align perfectly with your business goals.

With our expertise and specialized focus on Shopify, we're equipped to help you maximize your organic search strategy and achieve sustainable growth for your ecommerce business.

Keyword Research - SEO Strategies crafted around your customer's searches

We understand that selecting the right keywords is essential for optimizing your website's visibility and attracting potential customers. Our approach involves meticulous analysis of search trends and customer behavior to identify relevant keywords that resonate with your target audience.

Using leading tools and data analysis, we delve deep into search volumes, competition levels, and even examine your competitors' keyword strategies. By gaining insights from PPC performance and other relevant data, we craft SEO strategies that set your business apart in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

In the ecommerce realm, keywords can be fiercely competitive, especially when products share similar names. That's why we focus on understanding how search engines generate results and tailor our keyword selection accordingly. Additionally, we strategically structure product ranges to target specific search queries, guiding customers through optimized customer journeys that maximize conversions.

With our specialized Shopify SEO strategies, we not only adhere to Shopify's unique requirements but also leverage keywords to channel customers towards the most relevant and conversion-friendly pathways.

Shopify SEO Agency

SEO optimised content, written to engage more customers.

High-quality, SEO-optimized content is pivotal for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and engage customers effectively. In our SEO strategy, we prioritize content marketing as a fundamental element across various industries. We understand that content serves as a vital tool for improving SEO rankings and driving customer engagement.

Our content marketing approach involves crafting new articles and blogs tailored specifically to your business objectives. These pieces of content are strategically designed to target specific search terms, increasing your visibility across search engines and maximizing impressions. Additionally, we optimize on-site content to ensure that your core pages effectively communicate your business's value proposition to Google. As a specialized Shopify SEO agency, we collaborate with you to infuse on-site content with relevant keywords, leveraging the power of AI for enhanced content relevance.

In addition to optimizing existing content and page structures, we expand content coverage on key topics to boost keyword relevancy and convey trust signals to search engines. Our optimization efforts extend to editorial-style content, collection pages, Shopify store navigation, and product page layouts, all aimed at improving quality and maximizing ranking opportunities. We meticulously review product titles, page schema, and product descriptions, considering key platforms such as Google Rich Search results and Google Shopping.

Furthermore, our team continually monitors performance metrics and conducts long-term content optimization to ensure sustained improvements and maximize overall site maintenance. With our comprehensive approach to content optimization, we help businesses harness the full potential of targeted organic traffic and achieve lasting success in their SEO endeavors.

Shopify SEO Experts - SEO Digital PR

Digital PR Strategies

As Shopify SEO specialists, our strategies extend beyond on-site optimization to encompass the critical aspect of backlink building. Backlinks serve as a crucial metric for Google, signaling your website's authority and credibility based on its mentions across the web. However, it's essential to note that the quality and reputation of the linking domains also play a significant role in determining search rankings.

To leverage the power of backlinks effectively, we devise idea-focused digital PR strategies aimed at identifying and capitalizing on backlink opportunities to enhance your search visibility. Our dedicated digital PR team works tirelessly to secure features on reputable websites within your industry, thereby driving referral traffic to your store and bolstering your domain's reputation.

Digital PR not only increases traffic but also enhances the overall trustworthiness and credibility of your domain, contributing to improved search rankings. Our strategies are meticulously planned to yield long-term, sustainable results, ensuring that the backlink opportunities we pursue are not only authoritative but also highly relevant to your business niche.

With our comprehensive digital PR SEO strategies, we aim to maximize your online presence, drive qualified traffic to your Shopify store, and establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

Shopify SEO Agency - Technical SEO

Technical Optimisation For Search Engines.

In addition to our SEO proficiency, we harness technical expertise to optimize your store's elements and code, aiming to enhance performance, speed, and user experience. Through strategic development practices, we focus on improving the store's crawlability and signaling a positive user experience, both of which are crucial ranking factors for leading search engines.

Our technical optimization efforts encompass various aspects, including page structure, structured data, reviews, themes, URL optimization, performance, speed, core web vitals, product descriptions, and security. Through comprehensive audits, we identify SEO issues and challenges, paving the way for a clear developmental roadmap to drive a performance-oriented SEO strategy and achieve success.

Furthermore, our technical SEO strategies involve conducting full site crawls to assess internal links, identify 404 errors, and review store schema for elements such as review scheme, product schema, and store schema. We also specialize in international SEO strategies, addressing aspects like managing HREFLang tags and on-site canonicals as part of our audits.

Lastly, we prioritize optimizing stores for site speed, employing techniques such as image optimization, JavaScript optimization, and adherence to core web vitals guidelines, ensuring an optimal browsing experience for your customers.

Shopify International SEO Agency

Maximize Global Expansion with International SEO Expertise

Expanding your ecommerce presence globally requires expertise to ensure optimal organic search exposure while safeguarding existing rankings. Our international SEO strategies are tailored to support multi-store or single-store approaches, utilizing Shopify Markets to meet your business's specific needs. From managing duplicate content with Hreflang tags to implementing targeted canonicals for different territories, our strategies send clear signals to leading search engines on where to rank your store. Our team also offers consultancy on structuring your domain strategy for internationalization, leveraging subdomains and subfolders for effective expansion. If you're seeking to grow your ecommerce business and scale international SEO efforts, your search ends here.

Shopify SEO Agency

Join an SEO Plan by OneOnic.

Experience a holistic SEO approach designed to boost your store's visibility and rankings in search results. Our single, all-encompassing plan integrates multi-disciplinary expertise and trust to deliver tangible results. With a dedicated team of SEO strategists, content creators, digital PR specialists, and seasoned SEO developers, we're equipped to elevate your SEO strategy to new heights. Leveraging our extensive experience across diverse industries, we craft results-driven campaigns tailored to your unique business needs. Let us know about your company and ecommerce store to embark on a rewarding SEO journey with OneOnic today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results with SEO?

The time it takes for you to see results with SEO can vary based on your progress however we typically see positive SEO signals within a few months of beginning work. This is subject to when physical work begins and if there is initial strategic analysis before work commences. You can expect to see the true impact of SEO somewhere between 3 and 6 months. SEO is highly subjective and depends on the store that we are working and investment into the services. Every industry will have varying degrees of competition making it difficult to generalise. Speak with our dedicated SEO team to discuss your strategy further. Get In Touch

Does SEO work and is it worth it?

Google processes 99,000 searches every second, and Google is a key source of where you can gain more traffic to your website. SEO is a great investment to allow more customers to find you online however only with the right strategy. Search engine optimisation needs a multi-faceted approach that considers on-site content, keyword research, technical optimisation and digital PR to send positive signals to Google and maximise the results. SEO also is an iterative process that requires continual optimisation as the algorithms change and competition works against you too. SEO is a great investment for ecommerce businesses however it is important to note that it does not often bear the fastest results and will take a considerable amount of time to bear results.

What is a Shopify SEO agency?

A Shopify SEO agency is a specialised digital marketing firm that focuses on optimising the search engine visibility and rankings of online stores built on the Shopify platform. These agencies employ a team of experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of Shopify's e-commerce ecosystem and possess deep knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Their primary goal is to help Shopify store owners increase their organic traffic, improve their website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), and ultimately drive more qualified leads and sales. Through a combination of keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical SEO audits, link building, content creation, and data analysis, a Shopify SEO agency can effectively enhance the online presence and profitability of any Shopify store.

Is SEO on Shopify different to other websites?

Shopify is a unique platform with its nuisances meaning that thorough and detailed knowledge of the platform is required to successfully manage an SEO strategy. For example, the URL structures, taxonomy and sitemap are specific and unique to the platform - this requires Shopify expertise to appropriately manage. In addition, specialist Shopify experts have direct knowledge of key challenges that have to be mitigated that are unique to Shopify as a platform. Finally, technical SEO optimisation and improving content may require Shopify designers and developers to amend and update the code and frontend experience.

Can a Shopify SEO agency help with keyword research and analysis?

Absolutely! A Shopify SEO agency can definitely assist with keyword research and analysis. These agencies specialise in optimising Shopify websites for search engines, ensuring that they rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic. As part of their services, they conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your specific industry or niche. They analyse various factors such as search volume, competition level, and user intent to determine the best keywords to target. By leveraging their expertise and advanced tools, a Shopify SEO agency can help you optimise your website's content, meta tags, product descriptions, and other elements to align with these targeted keywords, ultimately improving your website's visibility and driving more qualified traffic to your online store.

What strategies does a Shopify SEO agency employ to drive organic traffic?

A Shopify SEO agency employs a variety of strategies to drive organic traffic to their clients' online stores. Firstly, they conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-volume and relevant keywords for optimisation. They then optimise the website's meta tags, including title tags and meta descriptions, to ensure they accurately reflect the content and attract search engine attention. Additionally, they focus on creating high-quality and engaging content that incorporates these targeted keywords naturally. This includes blog posts, product descriptions, and category pages. The agency also works on building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the industry, which helps improve the website's authority and visibility in search results. Furthermore, they optimise the website's loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience to enhance overall performance.

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