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Types of Questions

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Types of Questions #

Qpoll offers a variety of question types to cater to different survey needs. Here are the seven types of questions supported by our application:

1. Single Response:
Customers can choose only one response from the provided options. This type of question is suitable when you want customers to select a single choice that best represents their preference or opinion.

2. Multiple Response:
Customers can choose more than one response from the given options. This question type allows customers to select multiple choices based on their preferences or experiences.

3. Emoji Response:
Customers can express their feedback or sentiment using emojis. This question type adds a fun and visually engaging element to the survey, allowing customers to select emojis that best represent their feelings or experiences.

4. Range Response:
Customers can choose a specific number within a predefined range. This question type is useful when you want customers to provide a numeric rating or indicate a level of satisfaction on a scale.

5. Star Response:
Customers can rate a product, service, or experience by selecting a number of stars. This question type offers a visual representation of customer feedback, where a higher number of stars signifies higher satisfaction or preference.

6. Multi Step Response:
Customers can provide responses through a series of forms or steps. This question type is suitable when you require customers to provide detailed feedback or answer multiple questions within a single survey.

These different question types provided by Qpoll enable you to create dynamic and engaging surveys that capture a wide range of customer feedback and insights.

Please note that Qpoll allows you to customize and configure these question types based on your specific survey requirements, ensuring a tailored and effective survey experience for your customers.